Friday, 17 April 2015

Top 5 Spring/Summer Lippys

In the spring/summer, I tend to stick with the light pinks as it's the safe option. You can't really go wrong with a nude-pink lipstick. I like how pink lipsticks pretty much go with any makeup look and they look like a 'your lips but better' colour.

Christian Breton Paris Lipgloss in Natural - £14.99

I picked this up in TkMaxx a while ago, not hearing anything about the brand previously. It just looked like a luxurious product and I didn't own anything like this. I forgot all about this and just put it at the back of my draw hidden amongst all of my other lip glosses, and rediscovered it about 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure why I didn't try it sooner because it's amazing?! Not a sticky or gloopy formula, applies really nicely and leaves a nice sheen to the lips. It has tiny flexes of shimmer in, which I think looks so nice with any makeup look as it goes with everything. It smells like coconuts too! Buy it HERE.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 16

This has featured a lot on my blog, but I can't help but love it. Again, this is a lipstick that goes with pretty much any makeup look, and is such a great colour for spring/summer. This is more of a brighter pink, and edges towards a coral colour slightly, but I've never had a lipstick like this before. I actually don't think they sell this in Boots or SuperDrug anymore, so if you can get your hands, I strongly suggest you do!

Maybeline Baby Lips in Pink Punch

This is more of a subtle pink colour, and is something I like to wear when I'm only sitting in the garden or popping to the shops. This is a tinted lip balm, so it keeps your lips moisturised whilst giving your lips a bit of colour. Like the lippys I've mentioned, this goes with every makeup look and is great for only £2.99. Baby Lips have always been my favourite kind of lip balm to wear, and I love all of the different colours and flavours you can chose from.
Buy it HERE.

Tanya Burr Ligloss in Afternoon Tea

Everyone has probably heard about Tanya's lipglosses as they've been raved about a lot, and I completely understand why. The consistency isn't sticky which is what I always look for when trying out lipglosses. If you're looking for a more pigmented lipgloss, this is definitely the one to get! I haven't felt the need to touch up my lipgloss during the day whilst wearing this, and just an added bonus, it smells amazing too! This would look amazing with a day or night time makeup look, as it's a pigmented lipgloss but is a nice sublt colour. Buy it HERE.

Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude Pink

I've already done a full review of this lipstick on my blog, which you can read about by clicking HERE.

What's your favourite spring/summer lippy?

Hope you're enjoying the sun!



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