Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Spring Jewellery With Born Pretty Store

I was contacted about 5 weeks by the Born Pretty Store, and they asked me if they could send me some pieces of jewellery. I obviously said yes as I absolutely love jewellery, and think it can be a big statement to quite a basic outfit. I was aloud to chose up to 3 items from their website, and after the longest 5 weeks of my life, they finally arrived! 

One piece of jewellery the sent me was this Golden Clover Bangle*. It has a clover on, which is something I've not seen before in shops, so it's the reason I was drawn to it so much. I love that it has silver rhinestones on it as well as the bangle being gold, as it means I can wear this with silver and gold jewellery, as appose to it just being with one or the other. The bangle can be done/undone with the loop and the ball, which is easy to manage. Like all of the Born Pretty jewellery, it is very affordable and this bracelet was only $1.99! You wouldn't find jewellery that cheap even in Primark! You can buy it HERE.

The next piece of jewellery is this Infinity Shape Silver Ring*. Most of my rings are golden, and are just a cheap 3 pack from Primark that I've had for ages. So I thought I'd choose a silver ring this time and I really love this one! It's not too big or bulky, and just makes a nice touch to any outfit. I've been wearing this everyday since I received it and is definitely a firm favourite in my ring collection. You can buy it HERE.

And the last item I received is this Swan Shaped Necklace*. The pearls on the swan are a different colour in different lights, meaning it will go with pretty much any outfit! Again, it has gold and silver detailing, so all 3 of these pieces would look amazing together. I hadn't seen anything like this is any other shops, and my face looked like the heart eyes emoji when I saw this on the website. The length of the necklace is quite unusual, and I don't own any like this. The length is inbewteen the longer chains you usually see and one that sits on your chest, so it sits just under neath your chest which I really like as it's different. This is definitely my favourite piece that I was sent! You can buy it HERE.

Have you looked at the Born Pretty Store before? Also, I'm so close to 100 BlogLovin' followers, can I hit it soon?

Hope you're having a lovely week!


*PR Gifted. All opinions are my own


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