Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How I Take My Blog Pictures

Photography is one of my favourite things ever, specifically beauty photography. I really enjoy adding different props and adjusting the lighting to make my pictures look nicer. It does take quite a long time for me to take a picture that I'm happy with, mainly because I'm fussy with my pictures, but it's so worth it.

Adding props

I think adding props in the background of pictures can make it look so much more exciting and interesting. It's all about personal preference though. I never used to add props to my pictures, and simply took the picture of the product, but when my room got re-decorated and I bought ornaments for my befroom, I started adding them in and was much happier with the outcome of my pictures!

Have a colour scheme

I like to arrange some sort of colour scheme when taking pictures. So if I was taking a picture of a pink lipstick, I will add ornaments in the background that are pink. I've got a fake pink flower that has made quite a few appearances in my blog pictures, pink notebooks and pink nail varnishes. They are so cheap as well, and just adds something more to your blog picture.


Most of my blog pictures are taken from above, as it gets everything into the frame, and as I have a window next to my desk, the lighting hits perfectly. You have to find experiment with different angles, see what looks best and what does your product justice.

In this picture, I decided it was better to take a picture from this angle instead of above, as the product roles around a lot when it's lying down (annoying I know).

With this picture, I decided to lay the product down as when it was stood up, you could see the reflection of the window on the product due to the shiny packaging. I also thought it looked quite nice with the flowers in the background as they have a hint of green in them, as well as the product *wink wink*.

Camera settings

I'm not too sure about everyone else, but my camera has a 'Close Up' setting (I think it's called macro mode?!) which makes everything look more detailed. For a while, I was taking all of my pictures in 'Soft Focus' and thought to myself "Why does everything look so blurry?" Nice one Kacy.

Something I found when playing about with my camera was the brightness setting. My camera has a button where you can adjust how bright you want to picture, and I love my pictures to look really bright and detailed.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into how I take my blog pictures! Do you have any helpful tips about taking better blog pictures?

Hope you're having a great day!



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