Sunday, 12 April 2015

April Wishlist

It's time for the post that consists of me crying over the fact I have no money and can't afford these things. *sobs*. But I'm going to save up and try to purchase at least one of these things.  (It will never happen).

1.) I always just seem to pair my outfit with my coat or my leather jacket, but this spring I wanted to be a bit more adventurous and actually wear something colourful, so I've picked this pastel pink blazer. I think this would look so nice paired with a plain white tee and light blue jeans, or even on a night out over a dress. This one is from New Look and you can find it here.

2.) I don't wear shorts enough, and when I do, it's the same pair of denim shorts that I've had for years. I'm not a fan of tight fitted shorts, so when I saw these I fell in love. I think these shorts would be the statement of the outfit, and think would look lovely paired with a plain white, black or blue vest with tan colour sandals. The crochet is my favourite part of these shorts as I love crochet a lot, I think it looks really pretty. These shorts are from Select and you can find them here.

3.) Dresses are also something I don't wear enough but it's my aim for this spring/summer to wear them more. I quite like skater/swing dresses as I think they suit my figure more, so this is one is perfect. I love the daisy pattern on it, and with a pair of gladiator shoes it will look great. This is from New Look and you can find it here.

4.) I've seen lots of people wear floppy hats recently. They were quite a big thing in autumn/winter but I think they will be big in spring/summer too, especially the straw ones. I think this hat will look lovely with the daisy swing dress and look quite festival-y (yep, that's a thing). This hat is from BooHoo and you can find it here.

5.) I'm in desperate need of some spring/summer footwear, as I'm still wearing my Chelsea boots from winter haha! I stumbled across the Ipanema website and browsed at their shoes and fell in love. They are so much more than just you're standard flip flop, they have so many different variations and colours which is why I was so attracted to them. My favourite pair was these white and pink bowed ones. These look more like sandals, and I've not seen anything like these before. If I buy these, I was thinking of pairing them with a white skater dress I bought recently, as I think the pink in the flip flops would really stand out and be the statement of the whole look. I also think these would love great with a pair of denim shorts and a loose-fitted top. They'd look so nice if you were spending the day at the beach or on a really sunny day, and now it's starting to get sunnier in the UK, these are definitely something I'm thinking of purchasing. These are from Ipanema and you can find them here.


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