Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Few Simple Beauty Hacks

I love reading blog posts about everyday things serving different purposes, and have come across a few that really work for me, so I thought I would share some of them with you.

Using hairspray as a replacement for a brow gel

I can't remember where I heard this one from, but I really recommend trying it if your eyebrows are like mine and don't like to stay in their place. Simply spray your finger with hairspray and lightly swipe your finger over your brows. I noticed that my eyebrows looked a lot better after I had done this. It's great because your hairspray serves 2 different purposes, to hold in your hairstyle and to hold your brows in place.

Apply Vaseline around your nails for a neat manicure

I'm so awful when it comes down to painting my nails, especially when I paint more of my skin than my actual nail. I heard that if you apply Vaseline around your nails and on your cuticles then it's easier to remove any nail varnish that gets onto your skin. I love this hack and I'm so glad I found it. Maybe I'll start to enjoy painting my nails a bit more haha!

Spray heat protectant onto a brush to evenly distribute the product

I discorvered this one myself, it's not the most amazing hack but it definitely works for me. My hair is quite dry due to all the heat I put on it. I put heat protectant on my hair but wasnt seeing any changes to my hair. So I sprayed it onto a brush instead and since then have seen a noticeable difference in my hair. I think it's because when you brush the product through it sinks into the hair more than just spraying it. Definitely worth trying if your hair is quite dry.

Apply lipstick to the centre of your lips and smudge with a lip balm for a more natural look

I also discovered this one myself. I don't really own any natural looking lipsticks and wanted to see if I could wear any of the lipsticks in a natural way. I applied a dark red lipstick I owned only to the centre of my lips and took a slightly tinted lip balm and smudged it out. This created quite a sheer red colour on my lips and I really liked how it looks. Will definitely be continuing to use this method!

What beauty hacks do you know? Are there any that you stand by?

Hope you're having a good week!


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