Sunday, 25 January 2015

How To - Messy Fish Tail Braid

I'm not the greatest at styling my hair and am never adventurous with it either. I always just straighten it and that's pretty much it. But recently I've tried doing different style and thought I'd attempt to do a fish tail braid as they look incredible on every one else. I can finally say that I know how to do them (after many failed attempts). So today's post is a quick tutorial on how to get a messy fish tail braid.

I started off with brushing my hair as it's a nightmare trying to pull strands of hair across when it's tangled together. I then pulled all of my hair over to one side and split my hair into two sections. 

Then, pull a strand of hair from one of the sections and bring it to the other section. Sounds very confusing but I tried to demonstrate it in the pictures. When pulling over bits of hair to the other side, you can choose how thick or thin you want them to be. I chose them to be thin because that's what I prefer personally but it's completely up to you!

Then take a piece from the other section and pull it over to the other side. Pull it from the back, bring it to the middle. Continue to do this until you get to the bottom.

Once you have reached the bottom, you want to secure it with an elastic band or a hair tye. I use elastic bands because my hair is very thin. I got my elastic bands from Primark a while ago. They come in a big bag and there was lots in there, I'm sure they still sell them but if not I've found some on amazon. 

After your braid is secured, I then pulled out bits of hair to give it a messier look. 

I then sprayed a texturising spray to add to the messiness. I used the L'Oreal Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray which you can find here. It's really good at giving texture to the hair and it smells AMAZING. I then pulled at the braid to make it even more messier, and that's it! DONE!

Thank you for reading! Do you like this look and would you recreate it?



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